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A Ceremony Remembered
Non-Denominational - Traditional - Civil Weddings and other Celebration Services
By Reverend Jack Baragar

Proudly introduced as Husband & Wife Gamal & Jessica on 09-26-2009

Enjoy a sample of their ceremony below.


**** Fees: ****

** Fees will vary due to length or complexity of ceremony and travel distance. ** Rehearsals may also be extra. Any overnight lodging required will be added above the regular fee for services. All agreed to fees are to be paid prior to the Ceremony.

I spent most of my life living in a large Michigan city, in a close-knit, older neighborhood with a rich ethnic and religious mix. During this time I attended many traditional and civil weddings and funeral ceremonies. When all was said and done, I often left these events in a mild state of bewilderment, thinking, “What was that all about?” I had known the people personally, sharing many every-day moments and attending religious services with them. More often than not, those “canned” ceremonies and services seemed to represent and describe some other couple or person. So when I was called to the ministry, I was determined to concentrate on making a personal connection with every couple or family who asked me to perform their Michigan weddings or other ceremonies.
My goal is to faithfully and accurately reflect the hearts and souls of those who trust me to play a role in their life’s very special moments. I have been told that I am consistently successful in making these events truly reflective of the needs and personalities of the couples and families I serve because I am a “caring people-person.” I also believe that my sense of responsibility and respect for all people, along with a healthy sense of humor, have managed to grow my list of happy couples and families.
Reverend Jack